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TSNe-Bulletin May 2011

Welcome to the TSNe-Bulletin, providing non-profit professionals, capacity builders, funders and partners with information you can use to strengthen individual nonprofits, the sector and the communities we serve.



In This Issue

  • The Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Announces New Name
  • Exploring "Collective Impact"
  • Affordable and Fun Summer Outings
  • Taking Back "Personal Responsibility"
  • Software Corner: Seven Ways to Train Staff Online
  • Video: What is the Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion?
  • Sectorwide Trainings and Jobs


Working Towards an Inclusive Sector

Organizations can be transformed to be more reflective of the populations being served racially and ethnically. They can develop a greater respect for and appreciation of cultural, gender, ability, class, religious and orientation differences.

The Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, which for 21 years has worked with nonprofits to reach achieve these transformations, is itself undergoing a change and becoming the Inclusion Initiative.

Restructuring the Way We Attack Broad Social Problems

In this month's ED Forum, TSNE Executive Director Jonathan Spack talks about "collective impact" and its potential to help effect systemic social change.

Mr. Spack asks, Is collective impact a passing fad or the next Big Thing?

Plan a Great, Affordable Staff Outing

Providing outlets for recreation and entertainment breaks the continuous cycle of daily office life that can so often lead to burn-outs. But what's the right fit for your organization?

TSNE staff share tips and ideas gathered over the years on how to put together a fun and affordable day outing.

Programs in the Limelight

TSNE's grantees, clients, tenants and fiscally-sponsored projects frequently receive awards and recognition for the inspiring, community-changing work they do.

From the Blog: Personal Responsibility

TSNE's director of education and outreach tackles the oft-heard phrase "personal responsibility" and the co-option of language in the TSNE Just Communications blog.

Software Corner

Traveling to offsite trainings and conferences can be expensive, and the nature of today's geographically-diverse staffs can make onsite training a challenge. A number of viable methods for professional development online make it likely your organization can find one that works. Visit Idealware to learn more.

Staff Pick

Deb Linnell, director of programs at TSNE, recommends Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability, designed to help you sustain financial health and mission impact over time.

What's the Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion?

Inclusion Initiative Director Tyra Sidberry explains the difference in this short video.


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