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TSNe-Bulletin: January/February 2012

Welcome to the TSNe-Bulletin, providing non-profit professionals, capacity builders, funders and partners with information you can use to strengthen individual nonprofits, the sector and the communities we serve.

In This Issue

  • Demystifying Evaluation
  • Making the Most of LinkedIn: Best Practices for Connections
  • Starting an Effective Media Advocacy Campaign: Plan Well
  • Software Corner: Supporting Program Evaluation
  • Sectorwide Trainings and Jobs

Why Evaluation Is Important

There is a big emphasis on return on investment by foundations right now. It has many nonprofits scrambling to develop methodology and tools for collecting data. But why is evaluation important beyond keeping funders happy?

Adding LinkedIn Connections

In this next installment of a multipart series, marketing professional Myrna Greenfield shares best practices for adding connections on LinkedIn, including protecting your brand.

Planning an Effective Media Campaign

Effective media advocacy campaigns start with a solid advocacy plan. Planning for a campaign is as important as the campaign itself.

From the Blog

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been shelved for the moment. But the threat to free speech on the Web remains. We gathered some resources together so your organization can educate itself onhow this legislation could impact nonprofits if it passes.

Software Corner

There is currently no single software package that covers all aspects of program evaluation. However, different systems can help you with specific components of the evaluation process. Visit Idealware to learn more as your organization thinks about its evaluation process.

Previously On...

Prepare for this week's financial management workshop with Meave O'Mara: Re-read her article on using key financial indicators.

Upcoming Workshops

Happenings and Opportunities In the Nonprofit Sector

TSNE is pleased to announce upcoming activities and events from across the sector, as well as new resources available to nonprofit professionals.

This month we've included information on employment opportunities, as well as training and events.

Have a job opening, grant opportunity, publication or event to announce? Send us your sectorwide announcements -- including a relevant URL -- with subject line News Submission. SEND TO: info@tsne.org


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February 2012

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