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TSNe-Bulletin: December 2011

Welcome to the TSNe-Bulletin, providing non-profit professionals, capacity builders, funders and partners with information you can use to strengthen individual nonprofits, the sector and the communities we serve.

In This Issue

  • Getting Started with Evaluation
  • Making the Most of LinkedIn: Best Practices for Profiles
  • ED Forum: Update to Our Constituents
  • Software Corner: e-Advocacy
  • Sectorwide Trainings and Jobs

New e-Bulletin Schedule

Starting in 2012, the TSNe-Bulletin will move to a bimonthly schedule.

What Do You Need to Consider When Starting an Evaluation?

It is important to be very clear about what you are evaluating, why you are evaluating, and for whom you are evaluating. Paying attention to these questions will help you shape your evaluation into a more useful tool.

Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

In this next installment of a multipart series, marketing professional Myrna Greenfield shares best practices for setting up and building individual profiles on LinkedIn.

Programs in the Limelight

TSNE's grantees, clients, tenants and fiscally-sponsored projects frequently receive awards and recognition for the inspiring, community-changing work they do.

Introducing The Giving Common

The Giving Common, an initiative of The Boston Foundation, is a database of nonprofit profiles that funders, donors and the general public can search by issue area, geography and other variables with the option to "donate now." Sign up to develop your organization's profile.

Letter to Our Friends

TSNE Executive Director Jonathan Spack shares an update about TSNE programs after restructuring.

Software Corner

Advocacy organizations often encourage their grassroots supporters to influence politicians and corporations using different methods, from promoting a cause or opposing legislation to challenging ad campaigns or policies. Idealware looks at some of the e-advocacy tools available for nonprofits.

Upcoming Workshops

Happenings and Opportunities In the Nonprofit Sector

TSNE is pleased to announce upcoming activities and events from across the sector, as well as new resources available to nonprofit professionals.

This month we've included information on employment opportunities, as well as training and events.

Have a job opening, grant opportunity, publication or event to announce? Send us your sectorwide announcements -- including a relevant URL -- with subject line News Submission. SEND TO: info@tsne.org


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