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TSNe-Bulletin: November 2011

Welcome to the TSNe-Bulletin, providing non-profit professionals, capacity builders, funders and partners with information you can use to strengthen individual nonprofits, the sector and the communities we serve.

In This Issue

  • Strategies for Growing Your Email List
  • How Your Nonprofit Can Make the Most of LinkedIn
  • Supercommittee Super Impact
  • ED Forum: Let's Ease Up on the Occupy Movement
  • Sectorwide Trainings and Jobs

New e-Bulletin Schedule

Starting in 2012, the TSNe-Bulletin will move to a bimonthly schedule.

Building an Effective Email List

An effective list can maximize your reach, help foster closer relationships with constituents and improve fundraising. But how do you expand your list sufficiently to meet your goals? Idealware shares tips and strategies for expanding your reach in a sustainable manner.

Setting Up a Company Profile

In a previous article, marketing professional Myrna Greenfield shared the why of LinkedIn for nonprofits. In this next installment of a multipart series, she delves into the how, starting with company pages.

Time to Choose: Well-Being or War?

What does the failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (more commonly known as the "supercommittee") mean for nonprofit organizations -- and the nation?

Fitting Leadership to Goals

TSNE Executive Director Jonathan Spack had a shift in perspective on the Occupy movement, and argues that critics should ease up on the leaderless model of the Occupiers

Upcoming Training

Happenings and Opportunities In the Nonprofit Sector

TSNE is pleased to announce upcoming activities and events from across the sector, as well as new resources available to nonprofit professionals.

This month we've included information on employment opportunities, as well as training and events.

Featured event, co-hosted by TSNE:

Leading the Business of Global Nonprofits
Sponsored by the Institute for Executive Education of Suffolk University
Thursday, December 8, 2011, 11:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Have a job opening, grant opportunity, publication or event to announce? Send us your sectorwide announcements -- including a relevant URL -- with subject line News Submission. SEND TO: info@tsne.org


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